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SSN Severodvinsk to start mooring trials in December

SSN Severodvinsk to start mooring trials in December 24.12.2009
Mooring trials of nuclear-powered attack submarine Severodvinsk will be started till the end of 2009, informs RIA Novosti referring to high-ranking source in Malakhit Design Bureau developed the project.

According to press service of Sevmash shipyard, the submarine is currently on the building slip. Shipyard experts assemble general shipborne systems and perform painting and insulating works before mooring trials.

Upon termination of all trials, including missile test launches in mid-2010, the sub will be commissioned into Northern Fleet, previously said chief designer of SSN Severodvinsk Vladimir Pialov, Director General of Malakhit Design Bureau in interview to RIA Novosti.

On Dec 22 Sevmash shipyard, administration of Severodvinsk and the crew of SSN Severodvinsk signed an agreement of corporate assistance to the sub. The event was associated with 70th anniversary of Sevmash shipyard which took patronage over one of its subs for the first time, says the shipyard's press release.

The first crew of SSN Severodvinsk arrived at the town as early as October and will stay there until all trials are finished. The crew was formed on the basis of Northern Fleet's 11th submarine division in 2005 and then passed training period at Sosnovy Bor Navy Training Center.

Severodvinsk is a Project 885 Yasen Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine armed with cruise missiles; lead sub of the project.


The sub was laid down on Dec 21, 1993 at Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk; currently, it is being constructed. Nikolai Kalistratov, the shipyard's Director General mentioned in 2008 that the submarine would be commissioned in 2010; however, according to the recent statement of Vice Admiral Oleg Burtsev, Deputy Chief of Navy Main HQ, the commission was postponed to 2011.


Surface speed: 16 knots
Submerged speed: 31 knots
Test depth: 600 meters
Endurance: 100 days
Crew: 90 men
Surface displacement: 8600 tonnes
Submerged displacement: 13800 tonnes
Extreme length: 119 meters
Extreme beam: 13.5 meters
Height: 9.4 meters


OK-650V thermal water-cooled and water-moderated reactor, one shaft, one water jet or low-noise screw


10 x 650-mm and 533-mm torpedo tubes
P-100 Onyx antiship cruise missiles
Kh-35 antiship cruise missiles
Kh-101 strategic cruise missiles
3M-54E and 3M-54E1 antiship cruise missiles
3M-14E cruise missiles

According to Russian Naval Doctrine, Yasen-project subs are to become Russia's main nuclear attack submarines. It is planned to build 6 subs of the project.

Source:, photo: model of Yasen-class SSN (

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