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Russian UAV Eleron at North Pole

Russian UAV Eleron at North Pole 15.02.2010
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Eleron from Russian Arctic station Severny Polius 37 conducted ice reconnaissance in conditions of polar night. UAV carried out three flights during last week, informs ITAR-TASS citing Vladimir Sokolov, the leader of an Arctic expedition.

According to him, "Russian 4-kg vehicle equipped with digital photo- and video cameras performed one-hour ice patrols in each flight". UAV is powered by mini-motor with electric battery. Therefore, recon UAV did not cause ecological damage to eternal Arctic nature, said Mr. Sokolov.

He reported that all 15 polar explorers feel well and perform ice, aerologic and oceanologic researches as well as special meteorological observations in accordance with the program.

UAV T23 Eleron is a component of remote observation system used in monitoring of surface situation, air patrols and emergency situations.

The UAV provides observation over single structures, roads, bridges, transport vehicles, oil and gas pipelines, electric power lines, groups of people and individuals.

Except for the UAV, the system comprises portable ground-based control station with launch pad and set of spare parts and tools for maintenance and current repairs.

Optionally, UAV T23 can be equipped with special (TV or photo) sensors and provides its delivery to launch site.

The vehicle is made under "flying wing" technology with folding port wings and pusher airscrew which makes it possible to store the UAV in portable container (0.9 x 0.5 x 0.12 m). The vehicle is launched by rubber strap.

Having the flight speed of 65-105 kph at altitude up to 3,000 m, the UAV is capable to be airborne for up to 1.25 hours with automatic return to the launch site and parachute landing.

Takeoff weight of the UAV does not exceed 2.8 kg; wingspan is 1.47 m and body length is 0.45 m. Pre-launch time is less than 5 min.

Source: ARMS-EXPO, photo: UAV Eleron (ARMS-EXPO)

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