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10.23.2009 Pirates hijacked Panamanian vessel in Indian Ocean
Pirates hijacked Panama-flagged cargo vessel in Indian Ocean on Thursday.

10.21.2009 US and Ukrainian naval divers: exchange of SR experience
US Navy delegation headed by Samson Mata, diving team leader arrived at Ukrainian Navy's Search and Rescue Operations Center on Oct 20.

10.21.2009 South Korean Navy plans to achieve six Aegis KDX-3A destroyers
South Korean Navy gave a requisition to begin construction of domestic Aegis destroyers in 2019 which is a step to protect coast from DPRK.

10.20.2009 WW2 mine found in Crimea, residents and BSF unit are evacuated
Over 5 000 residents of Feodosiya, Crimea will be evacuated on Tuesday, Oct 20 as mine pickers are expected to carry a huge WW2 German bottom mine outwards the city at that time.

10.20.2009 First Chinese flattop to be identical with Russian one
China will lay down domestic aircraft carrier. "It will be identical in design with Russian heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov. In fact, we're speaking about the copy".

10.20.2009 Pirates hijacked Chinese cargo ship in Indian Ocean
Pirates hijacked Chinese cargo ship in Indian Ocean on Monday, says the message at EU Navy website.

10.16.2009 DPRK warns South Korea of naval conflict danger
North Korean Navy accused South Korean ships of violation of the DPRK sea border and warned of naval conflict danger.

10.15.2009 Japan drops to refuel US Navy ships in Indian Ocean
Japan will finish logistic support of international military operation in Afghanistan headed by the US in January 2010.

10.15.2009 German frigate Bremen shipwrecked two pirate boats
German frigate Bremen engaged in EU anti-piracy operation Atalanta shipwrecked two pirate boats.

10.14.2009 South Korea to construct 6 Aegis-class destroyers
Korean Navy plans 6 destroyers with Aegis components to be commissioned within 2019-2026 to enhance country's presence at coastal and sea regions.

10.14.2009 NATO approved participation of Israeli Navy in Operation Active Endeavour
NATO Headquarters approved participation of Israeli battleship in counter-terrorist Operation Active Endeavour in the Mediterranean.

10.13.2009 Germany to build-and-buy one more Dolphin sub for Israel
Israel addressed to Germany with a request to sell one more Dolphin-class submarine which is going to be the sixth.

10.13.2009 Pirates hijacked Spanish vessel demand to release "colleagues"
Somali pirates hijacked Spanish fishing vessel Alakrana with 36 crewmembers aboard on Oct 2 demand to release two their companions.

10.13.2009 100 thousandth takeoff from USS Nimitz
100 thousandth takeoff from USS Nimitz aircraft carrier (CVN 68) was performed on Oct 7.

10.12.2009 Ukraine to complete development of new ship project in December
Development of new corvettes being conducted under order of Ukrainian Ministry of Defense will be finished in December 2009.

10.09.2009 France raised order for new multi-role frigates
DCNS company signed procurement contract of three additional multipurpose FREMM-type frigates for French Navy.

10.09.2009 Ukraine to have super missiles as long as 2012
Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko expects new sea-based and ground-based prestrategic missile systems being developed by Ukrainian experts to be commissioned in 2012.

10.08.2009 Over 30 Somali pirates went for "business" and disappeared
More than 30 Somali pirates shipped out "for fishery" during two recent weeks disappeared.

10.08.2009 Tanker took the bottom and inflamed near Cameroon
Ghana-flagged tanker took the ground off southwest Cameroon and ignited at Thursday night.

10.08.2009 Repeated trials date of Independence US Navy trimaran is specified
Repeated builders' sea trials of LCS Independence built under General Dynamics project will start next week.

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