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10.07.2009 Water area contamination nearby US Navy factory
Los Angeles administration officially obliged US Navy to clean out territory near Morris Dam where torpedo manufacture is located.

10.07.2009 Somali pirates attacked military ship by mistake
Somali pirates assaulted French military ship La Somme by mistake last night. Several pirates were taken captive.

10.07.2009 International rescue squads in Indonesia
Foreign medical brigades move into earthquaked regions of Indonesia to help those who managed to survive.

10.06.2009 Indonesia to commission ships with Russian missiles
Indonesia plans to increase number of patrol ships and arm them with Russian and Chinese guided missiles.

10.06.2009 India looks for new co-developers of deck-based fighter
India decided to find new foreign partners to develop deck-based version of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) fighter also known as HAL Tejas.

10.06.2009 Neutrino to be adapted for submarine communications
Patrick Guber from University of Virginia, Institute of Technology proposed to use neutrino for simplex communication with nuclear submarines.

10.06.2009 French subs will get antitorpedo systems
French concern DCNS won the delivery contract of ten Nemesis antitorpedo systems for French Navy submarines.

10.06.2009 Ukrainian crewed Santana sent to bottom Greek vessel Captain Mihalis
The Malta-flagged vessel Santana collided with Greek vessel Captain Mihalis in Aegean Sea yesterday morning, on Oct 5.

10.05.2009 Israeli Navy commissions "unmanned" patrol boats
"Unmanned" boat Protector made by Raphael company is to be commissioned in Israeli Navy along with another boat which name is not published yet.

10.04.2009 Spanish frigate Canaria restrained two Somali pirates
Spanish naval frigate Canaria patrolling Indian Ocean zone under European anti-piracy operation Atalanta on the night of Sunday arrested two Somali prates who were among those hijacked Spanish fishing vessel Alakrana on Friday.

10.01.2009 Chinese Navy to compete with the US one by 2015
Chinese Navy plans to possess not only submarines, destroyers and frigates but also domestically made aircraft carrier.

10.01.2009 Israel procures two new German-made submarines
Israel purchased two non-nuclear Dolphin-type submarines made in Germany.

09.30.2009 Newest electronics installed on Iranian frigates
New Iranian state-of-the-art missile frigates are equipped with the newest systems.

09.30.2009 American company to deliver 10 guard boats for Iraqi Navy
American shipbuilding company Swiftships Shipbuilders got a $181 mln contract for development and producing 9 guard boats for Iraqi Navy.

09.29.2009 US Marine Corps gets new patrol boats
US Marine Corps signed acceptance documents of two patrol boats for Special Operations Command.

09.28.2009 Brown confirmed British intention to reduce number of new nuclear subs
Great Britain is ready to reduce number of new nuclear submarines planned to construction from 4 to 3 if the global bargain on nuclear disarmament is closed.

09.25.2009 British aircraft carrier Ark Royal put to sea after 7-month overhaul
BRN aircraft carrier Ark Royal put to sea after 7-month overhaul on Friday.

09.25.2009 US Navy postpones procurement of littoral combat ships
The US Navy inquired new budget for nearest five years providing cancellation of procurement almost half of littoral combat ships (LCS), being developed by Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics corporations.

09.24.2009 Canada to send submersibles to Arctic for delimitation of continental shelf
Canada purchased two unmanned submersibles from International Submarine Engineering Ltd. which are planned to be used for establishing its territorial claims to the part of Arctic.

09.23.2009 Indian Navy goes to the expense of purchase deck-based variant of Tejas aircraft
Indian Navy command approved placing of the purchase order of six light combat aircrafts LCA, deck-based variant.

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