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Viliuchinsk base expects first Bulava-armed Borei class subs

Viliuchinsk base expects first Bulava-armed Borei class subs 20.10.2010
Text: RIA Novosti
Photo: Submarines at Viliuchinsk Naval Base. flot2017.com
Pacific Fleet (PF) naval base Viliuchinsk (Kamchatka) is fully ready to accommodate new Project 955 Borei SSBNs, reported RIA Novosti citing Igor Korotchenko, member of social council at Russian defense ministry and editor-in-chief of National Defense magazine.

Thirteenth test launch of SLBM Bulava was successfully conducted on Oct 7, 2010. Once Bulava test program is completed, the missile will be commissioned in 2010-2011. Afterwards, the lead sub of the project SSBN Yury Dolgoruky will be able to conduct interfleet cruise from Severodvinsk to PF the sub's permanent basing site.

"Expecting arrival of Project 955 SSBN Yury Dolgoruky armed with 16 SLBMs Bulava, quayside zone of Viliuchinsk base was radically rebuilt. In addition, technical protection of basing infrastructure was arranged, the base has been supplied with advanced communication systems, training center has been modernized with new simulators", said Korotchenko.

According to him, after fitting-out and required cycle of trials, other submarines of the project will be also based there as well as at Northern Fleet bases.

At present, Project 955 subs Alexander Nevsky, Vladimir Monomakh, and Svyatitel Nikolai (first two are at high technological readiness level) are at Sevmash shipyard (Severodvinsk) in various phases of completion.

The core of PF nuclear force presently consists of four Project 667BDR submarines SSBN K-44 Ryazan, SSBN K-211 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, SSBN K-223 Podolsk, and SSBN K-443 Svyatoi Georgy Pobedonosets; their service life is reaching a 30-year old limit, noted Korotchenko.

He emphasized that in accordance with the top-level decision, main basing site of 16th Submarine Squadron and social infrastructure of Viliuchinsk are being reconstructed and modernized. PF officers' club, base sailor's club, medium general education school, two nursery schools, squadron's HQ building, sports center "Ocean", garrison hospital with polyclinic have been already put into operation. Several apartment buildings are being currently constructed.

All buildings were constructed with regard to seismic requirements and capable to stand 9-10 class earthquakes, pointed out the interviewee.

According to Russian Navy Command's plans, Project 955 submarines are to become the basis of Russia's naval strategic force after 2018 when currently operable submarines of Project 941 Akula (on NATO classification Typhoon), Project 667BDR Calmar (Delta-III), and Project 667BDRM Murena (Delta-IV) are decommissioned.

SSBN Yury Dolgoruky was developed by Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering; designers applied Soviet-designed materials for subs of this project. "The idea to use hulls of the previous generations made it possible to resolve problem of metals and notably reduce sub construction costs", reported the bureau's press service.

Contract cost of SSBN Yury Dolgoruky made RUR 23 bln, including 9 bln for project development and 14 bln for the sub construction.

SSBN Yury Dolgoruky (Project 955 Borei) has displacement of 14,700/24,000 tons; test depth is 450 meters; speed is 15/29 knots; crew is 107 (55 commissioned).

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