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The Ship Day to be celebrated at SSN Kuzbass

The Ship Day to be celebrated at SSN Kuzbass 28.01.2010
The Ship Day will be celebrated at nuclear-powered submarine Kuzbass on Jan 30, 2010. Kemerovo Governor Aman Tuleev congratulated the sub's commander Capt 2 rank Mikhail Plakhov and all personnel on the eve of festive occasion, informs Deita referring to Pacific Fleet Press Service.

The head of the region thanked submariners for appreciation of patronage measures taken by Kemerovo regional administration; he wished good luck in the crew's difficult service for the benefit of Great Russia. Besides, the crew of SSN Kuzbass will be awarded with money bonuses for exemplary execution of duties, great contribution to strengthening of combat readiness, and personal achievements in service. Kemerovo regional administration has performing patronage over SSN Kuzbass since 1997. During this time hundreds of draftees from Kemerovo region served on board the sub. According to Submarine Division command based in Viliuchinsk, Siberians worthfully represent their land; many of them were rewarded with grateful letters sent to their parents.

Patronage activities conducted with Kemerovo regional administration on board the sub is an effective instrument of patriotic education; it helps the sub's command to prevent wrong-doing and strengthen military discipline; it demonstrates inseparable unity between armed forces and nation, said Capt 2 rank Mikhail Plakhov.

K-419 Kuzbass is a Project 971 Schuka-B 3rd generation nuclear-powered attack submarine. She represents the basic project of multipurpose SSNs in Russian Navy.


Pacific Fleet


The sub was laid down on July 28, 1991 at Leninsky Komsomol shipyard (Komsomolsk, Primorsky Krai); launched on May 18, 1992; commissioned in 1992. In 1993 she obtained a name of Morzh [Walrus]; in 1998 the sub was renamed into Kuzbass.


NATO classification: Akula
Surface speed: 11.6 knots
Submerged speed: 33 knots
Operating depth: 480 meters
Test depth: 600 meters
Endurance: 100 days
Crew: 73 men


Surface displacement: 8,140 tonnes
Submerged displacement: 12,770 tonnes
Extreme length (at design waterline): 110.3 meters
Extreme beam: 13.6 meters
Mean draft (at design waterline): 9.7 meters


1 x 190 mW nuclear thermal reactor OK-650M
2 x 410 shp auxiliary motors
2 x 750 shp diesel generators DG-300


4 x 650-mm torpedo tubes (load is 12 torpedoes)
4 x 533-mm torpedo tubes (load is 28 torpedoes)
RK-55 Granat cruise missiles and rocket torpedoes
3 MANPADS Strela-3M launchers

Source: Deita.Ru, photo: SSN Kuzbass (submarina.org)

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